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An examination of the unexplained and unusual phenomena that science can’t totally comprehend.

Paranormal is a term used to describe numerous strange phenomena. So unusual in fact that there is no real scientific explanation for them. Paranormal covers the research and experiences in such subjects as ghost, telepathy, haunting, psycho kinesis, de’ja’vu, demonic possession, channeling, extraterrestrial beings and UFO’s.

The paranormal phenomena is constantly being investigated by researchers trying to figure out what they are seeing. For over a hundred years scientific investigations have been studying an abundant of evidence that is controversial in nature and hard to verify with credibility. Logic and our physical reality don’t fit into paranormal activity.

But parapsychologists have done extremely good experiments in the research of the paranormal. Proving that psycho kinesis (moving objects with the mind) and telepathy (sending feelings and thoughts by the mind or “thought-transference“), do occur despite not using any of the normal five senses or impede by distance, time, or any physical barriers.

On the subject of ghost, these disembodied spirits have been with human kind for thousands of years. Better known today as “apparitions” or “shadow people”, they appear suddenly in reported haunted places, materializing briefly as they move about a particular location. The theory is that they are the residual essence of a soul or spirit that has abruptly and tragically died there. This idea also plays havoc in the belief of the afterlife.

Some people think this proves it, while others are not so sure. But a more common belief is that this simply is a “residual haunting” with no malice involved because it’s more a memory of another time when these spirits were alive. Objects, houses, sailing ships, areas of war, and landscapes can retain permanent “impressions” or old “vibrational-energy” of long ago. Like hearing voices and sounds on recordings but with no one around. This is called EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

De’ja’vu is another interesting phenomena because it means “against memory”. Many people have experienced this feeling of having a strange sense of familiarity toward a place, location, or even a person they have never met before. This phenomena is very old in history and the current scientific community has taken it seriously enough to conduct a battery of neurophysiologic and psychological research to fully understand it. Nothing conclusive has been found for an exact explanation.

Demonic possession is a demon spirit taking control of a human being who has no will of their own anymore. The human victim will suffer personality changes, convulsions, memory loss, and possess unusual strength. Many cultures around the world believe that demons can attack and possess any living thing. The Catholic church believes in this type of phenomena. Theologians are very much aware that evil spirits exist and that involuntary demonic assaults occur. Performing an exorcism to get rid of a demon entity is very ancient and quite effective.

The two most controversial phenomena are UFO’s and the Bermuda Triangle. Two subjects that interest this writer the most because they are so mysterious and yet have a lot of factual evidence full of eyewitnesses. Unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) are aerial objects not identified or known. UFO’s fly faster than any known jets we know of publicly, maneuver at impossible angles, and can stop and hover in mere seconds without making any sound. Even after intensive investigation by the US Government not all sightings could be explained away as clouds, comets or misidentified man-made objects. UFO’s have been seen all over the world and by hundreds, if not thousands, of people all the time.

Reports of UFO’s go back nearly 2000 years to biblical time. What’s really compelling is that people have seen circular, odd-shape, flying objects up in the sky before the Age of Flight, before we had ever invented airplanes. Now Astronauts in space and commercial airline pilots see these hovering, and sometimes enormous, incredibly fast, metallic looking craft, speeding next to them at 40,000 feet. Who is flying these machines?

The Bermuda Triangle is an area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida. Weird happenings have been going on for years and strange reports go back at least 500 years, since the Europeans discovered America. The enigma of the Triangle is that it has the most reported lost of sailing ships and airplanes in that area. With no scientific explanation. Also known as the Devils Triangle because of numerous and mysterious unsolved reported cases of missing people and vessels.

Research has discovered that the Bermuda Triangle does have some highly, unusual electro-magnetic activity on the water and reaching as high up in the sky, exactly where an airplane would fly over. This kind of magnetic force seems to interfere with compasses and modern navigation equipment. Other possible factors include severe weather, pirates, rogue waves, UFO’s, and unknown, unseen forces at work destroying ships on the ocean surface and powerful enough to bring down airplanes flying over head. The mystery continues and the paranormal phenomena will forever entices all of us to seek answers to understand why this happens.

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