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Reiki: The Universal Life Energy Therapy

Reiki healing treatments are both beneficial and therapeutic for recipients suffering from an assortment of afflictions.

Reiki is energy therapy developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui, a Buddhist who studied traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, astrology and numerology, and clairvoyant and psychic development. Seeking the ultimate purpose of life up top Mount Kurama, in Japan, meditating, and fasting for 21-days, he experienced an enlightenment that led to the development of Reiki.

Dr. Usui said he received the ability of healing without energy depletion. Using the “palm healing” method as a form of alternative medicine, done without touching the patient, and in effect using energy therapy. In Western culture, Reiki means “universal life energy” as compared to Japanese Reiki means “supernatural, divine, energy, force”. Reiki is more commonly known as a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Giving the user a sense of well-being and promotes healing of misaligned energy centers in the body. Reiki (pronounced: ray-key) is a healing practice dealing with the healing energy residing within the body itself. Very similar to the Chinese version of Chi, which is a universal spiritual energy that permeates the entire universe, all living things, and the human body.

How are Reiki treatments done? Treatments can be used to heal recipients seeking a whole-body therapy. Treatment is done in pleasant environment, softly lit room, gentle sounds of nature such as a water fountain, soft music, the recipient is fully clothed, and on a couch-massage table or chair for an hour or more. The healer-practitioner will lay his hands on the recipient or use a non-touch technique. Treating the depleted energy centers of the body known as “Chakra” that helps regulate the body’s energy flow from head to toe. Reiki healing covers over all major Chakras within the body. Chakra is from Sanskrit meaning “spinning wheel”. The seven Chakras within the human body or “force centers” all represent the bioenergetic activity from head (Crown Chakra) to spine (Root Chakra). These force centers express the prana or “life energy” of the body, focal points of energy that need to be in balance to have a physical and spiritual healthy body and mind.

How does Reiki affect the human body? Reiki treatments can be used to treat pain, stress, respiratory problems, and many more ailments. Traditionally, the Reiki practitioner will use their intuition as a guide to best direct the spiritual energy needed to all vital areas in the whole body treatment. As the Reiki treatment progresses the recipient may feel warmth, a tingling sensation throughout the body, and deep relaxation. The Reiki treatment targets specific problems within the body and treats it. Revitalizing the body with spiritual energy and leaving the recipient feeling relaxed, content, and energized. This is very similar to Vibration, Polarity, Aura, Electromagnetic, and Therapeutic Touch therapy.

What do the experts say about Reiki as a holistic alternative medicine health treatment? The scientific community has not fully recognized Reiki; however, it does seem to work on believers with amazing healing results. Evidence is clear that the power of belief and ritualistic approach help increase the healing process leaving the recipient feeling in a state of well-being and pain-free or greatly diminished thereof. Studies from America and around the world have proven that Therapeutic Touch (TT) and Reiki can reduce pain in cancer patients, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Reiki healers have always maintain they help individuals by harnessing the healing power of the universe and restoring balance, vibration, and harmony back into the person.

How to become a Reiki Master or practitioner? A Reiki healer lives by five codes of ethics.
1. Today do not worry.
2. Today do not be angry.
3. Honor all elders, parents, and teachers.
4. Live honestly.
5. Be kind to everyone and every living thing.

Training is divided into three degrees. The First degree covers procedures of hand positions and placement. The Second covers teaching students of the three important empowering symbols to enhance the strength of healing effect. The Third degree covers the “Master training” attunement that can last days or years depending on the variation of training methods used. There is an abundant of Reiki training centers on the internet. For best training results register with a local Reiki school or plan to visit a distant one, and get a thorough and comprehensive training by Reiki instructors or Masters that will give proper attunement and demonstrations. Some classes will run $300 to $1,000 and with practice-dedication, you will become a registered Reiki Master.

Reiki gives us a way to tap into the universal life energy that surrounds every living thing. This infinite energy source can intensify your abilities and heal yourself. You can gain total relaxation, peace, improve your sense of as well-being, and heal the physical body as well as spiritual, mental, and emotional concerns. Receiving Reiki healing treatments can be a life-altering experience and benefit spiritual growth. Reiki can even be used in conjunction with crystals, aromatherapy, meditation, and other holistic therapy. Reiki is non-invasive, simple healing method that works totally with promoting wholeness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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