Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grinds Your Gears

By Contributor, Peter Griffin.

Bring Back The United Sates Note

Printed in 1963 by U.S. President John F. Kennedy just before his tragic assassination. Kennedy wanted to free American citizens from the corrupted Federal Reserve with its criminal tactics of printing money, outrageous interest rates, corporate greed, and monopolizing earned income.*  Carefully view each bill and tell me which is more valuable and truer than the other. Hint: The United Sates Note with the red seal is the truer bill printed in the United States as ordered by President Kennedy. The Federal Reserve Note is not, repeat, not owned by the United States of America, but by a central banking system designed by corporate banks owned by the rich, and not the U.S. government. Shocking, but true folks. They alone control the making and value of the dollar. * The Founding Fathers of America who wrote the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of America was adamantly against having central banking system in the United States. Now we are living in the disastrous result of having such an uncontrollable central banking system. Want to be debt free? Bring back the U.S. Note and Gold Standard. Additionally, why we’re at it: Create a National Health Care plan for everyone, a publicly funded health care system (taxes) and do away with income tax altogether in favor of a National Sale Tax. Let’s make it right for everyone.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Wages of the Ruling Class, Leaves the Poor in the Dust

The Ruling Class in the United States actually controls how much everyone else gets paid. As you can see there is a huge unfair gap of income in America that is getting worst each new generation.

As I’ve mentioned before in other Blogs on this particular subject, the Middle Class is gone and the result is low income families are struggling with rising taxes, prices, and low antiquated wages to survive in an increasingly expensive country. 

Indeed, the once “We The People” political system government is now and has been for quite some time, dangerously transforming into a monarchy government where only the super elite in business (corporations), governments agenesis, and the military have deemed themselves supreme power over everyone else. Apparently, if you are not in the pseudo-monarchy system of the elite you are gradually force to surrender your Civil Liberties, Rights, and Freedom; and denied the right to earn a decent wage to live by. The pseudo-monarchy system seems to work by controlling the output and flow of money to the low-level public (and global influence), by controlling the flow of information (media), and changing the laws (the Constitution) to better serve the Ruling Class.    

The Deadly Influential Media

Dismantling Your Right To Privacy

This is one way how Big Brother starts by getting bigger and more intrusive over time. Invented for public peaceful use, this communication service could easily turn against the populace by exploiting, controlling, and monitoring them continuously. Is it worth it?   

YouTuber Matthew Frederick explains it all on vid and does a very good job at it (funny and serious), but be sure to read the small artical: This Is Why You Should Delete Facebook Permanently.
The Huffington Post - By Cate Matthews

Go Iceland!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tesla Get His Due

Cnet reports the Tesla museum fundraising effort hits $850K goal in one week in August 2012.

NOW the Tesla fundraising endeavor on Indie GoGo has reached well over $1 million dollars since conceived in 2012. A fantastic job by Tesla devotees and people in general who are aware of Tesla’s inventions by honoring this great Man of the Electric Age who was the one true master of it. I’m getting chills!

Keep tabs on the progress of the future museum and all things Tesla at the Tesla Society web site.

A Solar Germany